We helped hire HotDoc’s Head of Customer Success

AirTree calibrates for a good fit. They work hard to understand the specific requirements of a new role. They don’t push for inappropriate candidates.

They find very hard-to-fill spots. We spent almost one year trying find a great Head of CX and were starting to lose our minds. AirTree found one within weeks.

Incentives are more aligned. AirTree wants you to hire the highest quality candidate, whereas a recruiter just wants you to hire their candidate.

Hiring is bloody hard and you need all the help you can get. AirTree has a great network and a gun recruiter. It’s much more pleasant than working with a recruitment company.

- Ben Hurst, HotDoc founder
Louise Lysaght - HotDoc
Partnered: 2015

We helped Brighte hire their COO

Working with AirTree People is seamless. They’re fast, supportive, insightful and no bull sh%$.

They can shoulder the hiring load. Preparing job descriptions, clarifying the scope of roles, recommending candidates from their industry contacts, reviewing and vetting applicants that applied, assisting with the first cut of interviews, and reference checking via their own network.

We love working with like-minded people that understand the need to move quickly. The unique environment of a high growth company means you need to work with someone that is genuinely supportive (and not in it for the retainers and fees).

It’s more than just recruitment. We’ve been introduced to people in their network to help us better understand certain roles and responsibilities, and to think through the development of our organisation.

Our alignment of interests creates great outcomes.

- Katherine McConnell, Brighte founder
Katherine McConnell - Brighte
Partnered: 2018

We helped Hyper Anna hire their Data Scientist

The process was smooth and easy. We brief our requirements and interview process to AirTree. AirTree finds the potential candidates. We select the candidates for interviews. We provide feedback after each interview to AirTree to continuously refine the criteria.

AirTree is able to market our brand and vision incredibly well to candidates. Almost like an employee. They give candidates an intimate understanding of the company and role requirements. It’s so far from a typical recruitment process.

It doesn’t feel like it is a transaction. They genuinely care about the success of our company.

AirTree prioritise the best candidate, rather than the first candidate. They’re not trying to close the hire ASAP like other recruiters. They take the time to respect your requirements, interview process and feedback.

- Connor Tam, Hyper Anna CFO
Connor Tam - Hyper Anna
Partnered: 2016

We helped Secure Code Warrior hire their Head of People & Culture

We can scale faster working with AirTree. They understand our business, are able to sell our vision seamlessly to candidates, and help to screen and prep candidates. This means we can bring on people much faster.

Working with AirTree means we’re immediately plugged into the startup community. We’re members of the AirTree People & Culture Forum which is a great place to learn from and stay connected with other people experiencing similar journeys.

Candidates have a great experience. They know what the company is about from the very start. AirTree are always responsive, and they continue to provide information and updates throughout the process.

- Pieter Danhieux, Secure Code Warrior founder
Secure Code Warrior team
Partnered: 2018