AirTree People helps you recruit key roles, design an org structure that scales, connect with other companies for advice, and close out your most-wanted candidates.

Our superpower is finding the right person for the role you’re struggling to fill. We’ve placed executives in two thirds of our companies.

Pieter Danhieux - Secure Code Warrior
Partnered: 2018

Melanie Perkins - Canva
Partnered: 2015

Bridget Loudon Expert360
Partnered: 2016


We focus on connecting the brilliant entrepreneurs in our community to each other. Sometimes this is 1:1 mentoring. Sometimes it’s facilitated group sessions with your peers in our portfolio.

Mina Radhakrishnan and Ruwin Perera
Partnered: 2017


We care deeply about the ecosystem. There has never been a better time to start a company in Australia and New Zealand. We are working to clear the path for you.

Mike Carden - Joyous
Partnered: 2018