Investment Opportunities in the New Normal

Published on
September 24, 2020
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“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”

— Lenin

It’s not every day that a VC gets to quote Lenin, but it is hard to disagree with him in light of our current reality. In just five short months, Covid-19 has stimulated five years’ worth of digital adoption. Its impact on consumers and businesses will be profound and long-lasting.

My colleague Kevin Lu and I zoomed in on a few of these effects and presented our findings at AirTree’s Investor Summit in September 2020.

We thought the wider community might be interested in it too, so we’re sharing the presentation below. Topics covered include:

  • SaaS tools to support a remote-first world
  • A digital kick in the butt for healthcare and education
  • E-commerce was a wave, now it’s a tsunami
  • The blossoming of the creator economy
  • eSport is sport; gaming is the new social

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