First round, multiple rounds

For us, no idea is too early: our door is always open. We want to be your partner in the first round. Then be there for multiple rounds. We’re long-term, patient partners. With you through the cycles.

Realising ambition

At our core we believe entrepreneurs are defining the trajectory of our society. That’s why we partner with founders who have the ambition to solve big, critical challenges and change the world as we know it.

From education to energy, the future of work to fintech - you’re shaping our future.

Experience to build enduring companies

We’re operators too - we’ve founded businesses, raised venture ourselves, and led teams at large global tech companies. We can draw on our hard-won experience to help you see around corners and anticipate what is to come.

Offerings that actually help

We know how hard it is to build enduring businesses. That’s why when we partner with you, our commitment goes beyond just capital. We devote the largest investment and portfolio support team in Australia to your success.

We’re there for you when you need us the most. We give you clear air when you don’t.

Your advocate. And your industry’s

Our future prosperity hinges on how we harness the innovation opportunities provided by tech, and how we support the startups and entrepreneurs at the heart of this opportunity. That’s why we’re working with you on things that matter - including policy development, sustainable entrepreneurship, respectful relationships and making access to venture open to everyone.