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Technology, at its core, is a challenge to the status quo. Throughout history, everything from light bulbs to personal PCs were controversial but became essential. The builders of today take risks to operate in the realms of “what could be” —and I cannot wait for them to pull me into the tomorrows they shape.

Empathy above all else. Having grown up supporting immigrant parents who built and rebuilt businesses, I am deeply aware of how challenging the startup journey can be. My focus is on being a partner to founders, who are the experts in their business and markets. My experience lends itself to helping leaders execute the highest value strategies with simplicity and velocity.

Be a rabbit, not a hippo. Founders are the experts of their business and markets; my role is to learn from them and create value where I can. So better I have the big ears and small mouth of a rabbit rather than the small ears and big mouth of a hippo.

Businesses are powerful vehicles for change. Founders are the drivers, and my role is to top up the fuel tank, retrofit the vehicle for extra aerodynamics, and pull up to help with repairs when needed. If you would like to connect with other drivers and refresh, I’ll set up some pit stops!

The Potential of Web3. The rise of community-owned businesses, funds, and the decentralisation of economic power in Web3 fascinates me. If you’re actively building in these spaces, I would love to hear from you.

Lean, green, fighting machines. The work I’ve done helping global companies transition to NetZero highlighted to me a hunger for solutions in this space. With increasing pressure on companies to address scope 1-3 emissions, I’m very interested to see what greentech emerges.

To reset, I love diving into sci-fi/fantasy worlds, buying NFTs, building out my recipe database on Notion (reach out if you want a copy!), kickboxing, lofi playlists, napping with my cat or finding a patch of sun in the middle of a dog park.

AirTree Ventures Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 456766 and AirTree Ventures Custody Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 544106.