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As Financial Controller at AirTree I ensure that all stakeholders receive prompt and accurate reports to allow them to assess timely fund performances. I work with our investors, founders and Investment Team to try make communication around finance, tax and compliance easy. Working in VC is a dream job for me as it’s the perfect alignment of my personal and professional goals. Being part of a growing team that cares about and supports others in achieving incredible things is an ideal environment for me.

I was born in Ireland and feel lucky to have come from such a beautiful green island. I have always been keen to explore and couldn’t wait to drive at 17 so started riding a moped at 16! I love experiencing new cultures, and spent a year studying in Montpellier, the south of France. I backpacked around South America before moving to Sydney where I have fallen in love with the ability to have a truly amazing lifestyle whilst also working in an exciting industry. Mental health at work is the single biggest determining factor of success, in my opinion. I like to have a toolkit that I can rely on for stress management - yoga and meditation feature heavily for me.

I pretty much love everything outdoors, from skiing to kayaking, tennis and learning to surf (terribly). I religiously follow a morning routine, and you will find me on the beach before starting work most days. The Gauntlet mountain race is probably the toughest endurance event I ever participated in. Training and completing it taught me so much about myself and that essentially, whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are always right!

Phil Knight’s memoir of founding Nike, ‘Shoe Dog’, is the book that has provided me with the most career inspiration. As a runner for many years, and someone who threw on running shoes as a way to clear my head – the story of how he turned his love of running into selling Japanese running shoes from the boot of his car into a $180bn empire, while training as an accountant, really moved me. He discovered the power of brand ambassadors, scaling to a global business, IPOs and demonstrating resilience when things go against you.

My Garmin is my favourite tech gadget. I am obsessed with measuring, tracking and analysing things, from my sleep patterns to my VO2Max!