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I worked at Qantas for 27 years as an EA. After that long, you become the go-to person for a lot of things. I loved staying within one company but having many different roles to explore new areas.  

After spending two decades in the airline industry, it’s interesting to learn about the world of venture capital. The number of startups in Australia is incredible. I’m in awe of the founders pitching their ideas and getting investors just as excited about them as they are. 

I’ve travelled a lot around Asia and America…I’ve been to Bali 48 times! I once did a day trek in the Philippines where I climbed around a cliff face. I was so frightened I held onto the guide for most of it. To end up at a beautiful waterfall made it all worth it.  

A smile doesn’t cost anything. The small things can make someone’s day, and good energy is infectious. 

Being the mother of 2 boys, I live by the sayings “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and “Pick your battles”. That said, they both have the most generous hearts and make me proud every day.