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As a founder, I learned an extraordinary amount and expanded my mind and life experiences in ways I never imagined. It was also the hardest 5 years of my career, but I would do it again.

Only 2% of Venture capital funding in the US goes to female founders, and I'm proud to be one of those women. I am passionate about helping women succeed and changing these statistics.

Having worked in startups since 2003, I never thought I would move from startup life to the other side of the table at a VC fund. The AirTree team and portfolio have impressed me at every turn, so I'm excited to have joined this team of legends and help give our portfolio and the ANZ community an unfair advantage.

Gratitude is key. Simply thinking of 3 things you're grateful for every day can re-wire your brain, making you happier and better handle stress.

My happy place is in the ocean, spending time with loved ones or exploring the world. Kitesurfing is my go-to way to disconnect, destress and be present. I also love free diving and ocean swimming. 

AirTree Ventures Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 456766 and AirTree Ventures Custody Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 544106.