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Passion for start-ups has led my way to a dream job at AirTree. I have always wanted to work for an asset class that excites me from bottom of the heart. VCs are where numbers and future-shaping ideas come together to make magic happen. Great investor interaction is always a priority, but at AirTree we also thrive to build the best-in-class ecosystem to support our founders!

I came from Chengdu, China – a fast-growing city that is most known for its chilling vibes and relaxing lifestyle. Spicy food, tea, music, painting, sports, etc… are all the blessings that help me maintain a good work-life balance and a peaceful mind.

To me reading enriches life experience. It is the best simple way to experience different lifestyles and learn from great minds. A book or two a month is always on the new year’s resolution.

When you can, travel! I miss the good old university time when I travelled so much. My top cities are Beijing, Queenstown and Vienna. Exchange student lives in Belgium and Canada are also some challenging highlights.

Be sure to live in a ‘challenging’ comfortable zone. Working a job, so as living a life – the number one rule is to find an environment where you feel comfortable, confident and motivated every day. Never forget your passion and surround yourself with those who share the same enthusiasm!