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I've worked in tech and the start-up industry for the best part of the past 7 years, I find it incredibly rewarding, exciting and fulfilling (and challenging!). It is a true passion of mine and I am thrilled to be part of AirTree who directly supports ambitious entrepreneurs and start-ups, it is truly a dream come true.

As a typical accountant - I love numbers and love processes, and a total spreadsheet nerd. I will be that friend trying to show you a new spreadsheet I've created!

Working for a company that has exceptional company culture is super important to me, as this stems from great leadership. I thrive when working as part of a productive team, running full steam ahead towards kicking goals.

I love being outdoors. There is nothing like taking in the fresh air and sunshine during a morning swim, or watching the sunset when going for a run. In my spare time you will find me listening to podcasts, reading a book or playing with my cat Cleo, she is my world (and so are my 25 houseplants).