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Technology creates change at scale. From a young age, I’ve always wanted to positively impact the world. My career aspirations ranged from a human rights lawyer to the World Bank, but my life profoundly shifted when I discovered Zipline. The company uses drones to transport critical supplies across Africa (including blood). From that moment, I was startup obsessed.

The why over the what. Since the dawn of time, society has been shaped by storytellers. I’m so obsessed with uncovering what drives people that I started a podcast interviewing the world’s best founders and investors. Through a lot of luck, we’ve spoken to people like Malcolm Turnbull, Elizabeth Broderick and Sahil Bloom. I've been told I ask people questions like they're on a podcast – you’ve been warned.

There’s a rising tide of technology in Australia. Young talent aren’t just flocking to corporate roles anymore; a lot of our top talent are now considering startups. I have such high conviction that we're on the precipice of something great that I wrote an e-book about it.

People in the arena. It’s easy to sit back and be critical. It’s much harder to be in the trenches doing something new. People in the arena drive society forward and I can’t respect them enough.

Outside of work. You’ll find me in the surf, drinking coffee in the sun, meditating, going on road trips or dancing with my friends. Nature is where I truly recharge.

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