Pioneering projects. Gigabrained teams. Good vibe communities. Get to know all the players in the ANZ Web3 space.

Aussies and Kiwis are punching above their weight in Web3. We have 6 Web3 unicorns when measured by token fully diluted value (FDV).

Top 10 Protocols in ANZ Ecosystem (FDV)

August 2022

ANZ Web3 Market Map

We put together this market map to show projects built in our region or overseas with Aussies or Kiwis in the core team.

These projects are pioneers, not forks, and innovation is not confined to one segment. Some notable gigabrained teams by segment:

  • DeFi: Synthetix, Ren, Maple Finance, Chainflip, Lyra Finance, Aelin protocol, TracerDAO, Zeta Markets, ThorChain and Acala
  • Ethereum 2.0 security: Sigma Prime and Rocketpool
  • Infrastructure: Immutable X, ReputationDAO and Altered State Machine
  • Off-chain tools, front ends, and on ramps: Banxa, CryptoTaxCalculator, BlockEarner, Tiik, Minke and Bobbob
  • NFT marketplaces and platforms: Magic Eden, VeVe, Zora, Foundation App and Reservoir
  • NFT games: Illuvium, Gods Unchained, Guilds of Guardians and Red Village
  • NFT Move 2 Earn or Do 2 Earn: StepN
  • Metaverses: CryptoVoxels, TreasureDAO
  • NFT PFPs: Fluf World, Party Bears, DeadFellaz, Degen Apes, Chibbicorns
  • Music: Emanate, ModaDAO, Ocean Floor Music

We also have a growing number of good vibe communities dedicated to creating the next generation of top Web3 talent, builders and technologies. There are studios such as GMI Studios, Mycelium and Block8, and DAOs such as UpsideDAO, DaoUnder, Bitfwd, Web3Hack, FutrDAO, DeFi Aus and NFT Syd and Melb.

Last updated: September 2022

Open Source: Web3 projects in Australia and New Zealand

We’ve created an open source list of Australian and New Zealand Web3 projects and DAOs.

🚨 Have we missed one? Add it here!

It’s been a turbulent time in crypto. Take care of yourself and reach out to frens if you need to chat. Bear markets often see the best builders stick around and develop enduring products – Synthetix, MakerDAO, Aave, Compound, Immutable and Rocketpool were all built during the last bear market.

Andrew Yeo was a contributor to this project. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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