At Airtree Ventures (“the Company”) we require that everyone associated with Airtree (“the Associates”) including, but not restricted to employee, contractor, founder, investor, mentor, advisor, student, volunteers, speakers and attendees of our events conduct themselves according to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and behaviour when these people are in any setting associated with Airtree, including offices, work events, social outings, conferences, homes, lodging, phone calls, video conferences, emails, chat, social media, blogs, or other online communications. This code establishes the standards of behaviour that must be met by all.


The purpose of this policy is to make it clear what the Company expects from the associates and attendees of our events, we require compliance with the terms of this policy at all times. Failure to do so may result in the Company taking appropriate action. The Company may unilaterally introduce, vary, remove or replace this policy at any time.

Standards of Conduct

The following behaviours are examples of unacceptable conduct and non-compliance with our policy on these behaviours may result in the Company taking further action,

  • Offensive language
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Violent behaviour
  • Undertaking any illegal activities
  • Discriminatory language or behaviour based on sex, gender, religion, culture, disability, age, race or general vilification in any form
  • Any form of harassment, sexual harassment, assault, indecent or sexual assault, vilification or victimisation.

Reporting and enforcement

If any of our community members experience or are involved in any conduct that is unacceptable then please report to us in the following ways:

1) Contact our Airtree Code of Conduct Committee; James Cameron and Helen Norton, your report will be treated with the strictest of confidence, if the person who violated the code is on the committee they will recuse themselves from handling that report.

2) Report anonymously through Whispli.