Sustainability Clause

The company shall, within six months following closing, adopt an Environmental Policy that incorporates the six key objectives below:

  • Monitor the business' carbon footprint using a third-party assessment framework or tool (e.g. Pathzero) and provider reporting annually by [date]; and
  • Achieve net zero carbon emissions
  • Incorporate energy efficiency measures in all areas of business activity
  • Promote environmental responsibility amongst employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners
  • Minimise waste, promote recycling and support the use of recycled products to help reduce the amount of waste
  • Review relevant policies and practices at the senior management and Board level annually

Inclusion Clause

We strive to invest in companies that are consciously working to create a diverse leadership team—one that’s inclusive across gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disabilities and national origins. While we would never impose hiring decisions, we aim to reduce the potential impact of unconscious bias for key C-Level and senior roles within a Company. We therefore ask that each portfolio company include an “inclusion rule” in its HR policies so that at least one woman and/or member of a population currently underrepresented within the company shall be formally interviewed for any open executive position.

More information about our Open Source Term Sheet can be found here.