Tom Verrilli

Tom is the Chief Product Officer at Twitch, where he is responsible for Product, Engineering, Applied Science and Design for Community (Consumer). Tom’s career path proves that there is no Product School—you simply learn by doing.

After spending several years in Management Consulting, Tom worked across Business Development, Strategy, Sales and Product in Singapore and India. While the first company he worked at, Phorm, ultimately ended up being unsuccessful, Tom’s next role leading the strategic expansion at ZipDial proved to be quite the opposite. After ZipDial was acquired by Twitter in January 2015, Tom relocated to SF to lead product internationalisation, leading teams in Europe, Asia and LATAM to improve search functionality, local share sheets, mobile web apps and more.

A brief stint working to bring NFL games to Twitter brought Tom to Twitch, where he has worked across every non-revenue product and with every client, and went from being a manager of 2 PMs to running the largest team at Twitch.

Chief Product Officer, Twitch