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Habit builds character; it's in the unseen, mundane, and insignificant corners of life where character is formed. Many philosophers and thinkers have expressed this in different ways, but Vince Lombardi's take resonates with me best "Watch your thoughts, they become your habits [...]". It touches on so many things - how I make others feel, how efficient I am, how I approach a win or crisis. I don't always get it right, but it's my north star.

I'm a curious person, always looking for new ideas or ways to optimise whether it's tinkering with new tools, or learning a new skill. My curiosity has led me to start a small side-hustle with my partner, selling a highly effective insect repellent that's safe for pregnant women and babies. It's early days, but I've learnt a tonne about customer centricity, and getting the product right. Check out Fend here.

Too often women are left out of the conversation when it comes to learning about frontier technologies; especially those outside of tech. This could have a profound generational impact on wealth accumulation as women miss out on the potentially significant (long-term!) upside found when investing in nascent, riskier categories such as crypto or tech. I'd love to find a way to turn this around someday.

The ocean is my mental reset, and place of peace. I recently lived in Toronto for 4 years, and I’ve never appreciated Sydney more than on those -15°C winter days trudging to work through snow..

I'm a fiction aficionado and love to read at the beach. There's something about reading a novel on paper. I'm slowly building a library of salty, dog-eared books - I welcome any recommendations!

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