Dan Lombard

With a background in engineering, my journey in tech and startups began at Open Insurance as a BizOps Manager, where I learnt the fast way. I’ve always had a long-time fascination with VC which is why I was so excited to join AirTree.

At Airtree, I work in the Fund Strategy team, where I'm primarily responsible for all things data, including tasks like setting up internal infrastructure that helps us find the most exciting founders in the ecosystem and helping compile benchmarking reports for our portfolio companies.

A common thread throughout my career

I feel incredibly lucky to have worked in organisations with immensely talented, kind, and compassionate people. This has been a common thread, and I'll strive to ensure that this is the case for the rest of my career.

Behind the scenes of my role

At Airtree, we have over 20,000 lines of code that help us operate and make 1% weekly improvements. Having this may not be common in Venture, but I'm fortunate to pair a passion for technology and writing code with the goals of Airtree to be a first-in-class venture firm, leveraging technology to get us there.

Something I had to learn the hard way

Cleaning a spoon face up with a tap isn't highly effective.

My daily ritual

I'm a big morning person, but not in the active sense. Getting me to exercise in the morning is a mammoth effort. I love a slow morning with a coffee and a book to start the day. If I'm exercising in the morning, I'll wake up at 5:30am so I can fit in the slow part first. In the evenings after work, I love catching up on sports, specifically tennis! My first choice activity for winding down is plucking the strings of a guitar.

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