Ed Gregory

I’m Airtree’s Legal Counsel, working across the spectrum of Airtree’s legal needs (from investment transactions, exits, and fundraising/fund maintenance to portfolio management and general commercial).  

I had my first taste of tech and venture while working in the legal team at an engineering firm. After that, there was no turning back, as I went all in to pursue a career in startups and VC. Roughly 18 months and two jobs later, I landed at Airtree.

Why tech and startups excite me

I reckon tech and startups have a fundamental role in making economies more sustainable, prosperous and equitable. They also challenge the status quo, develop better and easier ways of doing things, and strive to solve complicated problems—what’s not to love?  

Behind the scenes of my role

VC transactions are often far more amicable and frictionless than traditional law, meaning I can spend more time helping founders, building and maintaining relationships, and working on operational/commercial problems. Rarely am I arguing with counterparties or quoting Latin phrases.

Here’s where you’ll find me on the weekend

I’m generally staying pretty active in or near the ocean, ideally surfing up or down the coast at a secluded beach.

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