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VCs need to have both emotional intelligence and a commitment and dedication to help bring your vision to life. This is a people business, and no two companies need the same support.

Enterprise sales can be transformational when done right. I’ve worked in quota-carrying sales roles and I’ve written about when it’s appropriate for a SaaS startup. I love working with founders as they think about how to structure their growth teams.

I’ve seen the extremes of company culture and the impact this has on a team and a company’s performance. The best founders understand the importance of investing in, and maintaining a great culture to hire and retain the best talent.

I’m interested in companies that are transforming the human experience in what are traditionally considered “boring” industries. There’s still a massive opportunity to improve the eldercare sector. I’d love to talk to founders wanting to make a positive impact in this space.

I spend time helping our companies use their data to make better decisions. It’s a massive competitive advantage. And often it’s one of the quickest ways for us to step in and make an impact.

The qualities I see most in the founders we back is ambition and resilience. They have the big ideas, but also the determination to bring them to life despite the setbacks.

I look forward to getting to work in the morning and I look forward to arriving home at night. That's what matters to me, and I feel very blessed to have both a family and a career that I love.

I’m a slow reader, but I listen to audiobooks on 2x speed. I ‘read’ everyday on my commute and while I exercise.

Happiness is a journey not a destination. We had this quote from Alfred D’Souza on our fridge during my childhood and I still think about it a lot. Life is short and nothing is guaranteed. Do your best to enjoy the journey.

I’m a dog person with a cat. My cat has 2.5x more instagram followers than I do. However, Stanley’s posting activity has dropped sharply since my first child was born last year!