Josh Condous

I’m Airtree’s IT & Security Manager, and my role entails keeping everything IT running smoothly. I’ve been in and around IT for the past 20+ years, working everywhere from education to defence, health and media.

A common thread throughout my career

I’ve always aimed to make it easier for people to use their tech, get the most out of their tools and remove any roadblocks that pop up.

What I nerd out over

I’m a bit of a Formula 1 tragic, which means late nights and early mornings during the season as the circus works its way through the northern hemisphere. I love the tech and engineering involved and am constantly in awe of how the teams seem to bend the laws of physics to their will.

Here’s where you’ll find me on the weekend

On the weekend I can usually be found at the dog beach with my wife and beautiful pup Frankie, or out and about in Sydney looking for great food and coffee!

IT & Security Manager
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