Lauren Chapman

I'm an Executive Assistant and Office Manager at Airtree. Prior to joining Airtree, I spent time in the NFP sector, supporting two visionary founders. Alongside my role as an EA to these founders, I spent two years building a startup, which provided me with invaluable firsthand insight into the everyday challenges new founders face.

My path to Airtree was guided by my interest in startup founders and their journeys building successful startups. I was particularly drawn to Airtree's ethos of open source content and its dedication to providing ongoing support to its portfolio companies and founders.

What I nerd out over

I love apps that help me get more out of the day—bonus points if they have levels and daily streaks! My current streak record is 700 days of journalling in the DayOne app.

My daily ritual

I love a morning ritual, and live by the motto 'win the morning, win the day'. Each weekday, I wake up at 5am and kickstart my day with a series of energising activities. One of the highlights of my morning routine is walking my dog, Kobe. By the time I get to the office, I am in the best possible mindset ready to support my team and have a great day!

Here’s where you’ll find me on the weekend

On the weekend you will find me going for a run, eating at a new cafe or restaurant and trying a new plant-based recipe at home.

Executive Assistant and Office Manager
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