Mollie Ge

I’m Mollie, Accountant at Airtree. Before joining Airtree, I worked as an accountant at a fund services company and a global IT firm.

An idea I’d invest in tomorrow

Online education and media literacy. Thanks to the accessibility of social media, there's more fake and misleading information available every day. Is there a chance to narrow the gap?

Why tech and startups excite me

I think I'm always optimistic about future. Tech and startups are where passionate people gather together to turn their knowledge and expertise into practical solutions and make our lives more convenient. I'm amazed at how my life has been influenced by some of Airtree's portfolio companies, and I'm grateful to be supporting them, and the broader startup ecosystem, by working at Airtree.

Advice I’d give to my younger self

Stop saying “No, I’m not good at it.” Instead, ask “How can I learn it?”. When I was younger, it was easy to dismiss new skills or hobbies because I wasn't good at them immediately. Now I understand that the first step to continuous improvement is being open to learning new things and leaving space to grow.

Here’s where you’ll find me on the weekend

While I keep an organised schedule at work, my weekends are super flexible. You'll find me catching up with friends, playing board games, exploring new walks in the city, visiting art galleries or chilling out at home practicing my crochet skills.

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