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One of my work passions is trying to make the law more accessible. Plain English, simple, understandable concepts and clear communication should be at the heart of everything we do.
I've spent my career working for a whole host of big companies and institutions, but my most satisfying and rewarding career work has always been being involved with helping smart and committed founders realise their dreams.

The average VC investment lasts longer than the average marriage. I see my role at AirTree as making the formalisation of the investment as smooth as possible to make the start of the relationship a positive experience for everyone concerned.

Culture is a big driver of my work happiness. Law firms aren't always known for having the best corporate culture, and the openness and transparency of AirTree as an organisation really chimes with my personal values.

I spend an hour a week teaching ethics at my son's primary school - it enables me to give something back, and I think the critical thinking skills I'm trying to develop will be invaluable in life as a whole for the next generation. Plus every class reinforces for me the virtue of patience.

My version of mindfulness is my twice-weekly games of soccer - 4 hours in a week when I'm thinking of nothing else but what's in front of me and how to work better with my teammates. I lose more than I win but I always feel better afterwards.

AirTree Ventures Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 456766 and AirTree Ventures Custody Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 544106.