Nick Brown

I’m Airtree’s General Counsel, so my key roles are making sure deals get done with as little friction as possible (but still enough protection), keeping everyone out of prison and keeping us compliant with the many, many laws that govern what we do.

I’ve been a lawyer for 24 years, but my path to VC could kindly be described as meandering—15 years as an M&A lawyer (or as my wife says, “helping big companies swap money”), three years as sole GC for a healthcare software company, 18 months helping startups with capital raising at LegalVision, and now over three years at Airtree.

A common thread throughout my career

Trying to make the law more accessible. Plain English, simple, understandable concepts and clear communication should be at the heart of everything we do.

Behind the scenes of my role

I love my role because it allows me to satisfy the deal junkie part of my DNA but also to feel like I’m contributing in a small way to helping build great tech companies.

Something I had to learn the hard way

Life is way too short to work for or with people you don’t like. Culture is a big driver of my work happiness. Law firms aren't always known for having the best corporate culture, and the openness and transparency of Airtree as an organisation really chimes with my personal values.

Here’s where you’ll find me on the weekend

On the weekend, you’ll usually find me involved with sport in some way, whether that’s travelling around Sydney managing my son’s AFL team or watching him play basketball, visiting the SCG to watch the Swans or the cricket, or dragging my failing body around some Inner West soccer pitch.

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