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If the world is a canvas, early-stage innovation is what paints it. Small groups of people with outsized ambition are the ones holding the paintbrush.  Working with founders who are building our future reality is the greatest privilege of  VC.

I’m continually fascinated by the power of intentionality. Those who make their own choices before choices make them. These people are often searching in places other people aren’t looking. My role is to learn from these people and connect dots that can help them build their vision.

To borrow from Tony Hsieh, great businesses are about delivering happiness. This is largely a function of culture. I’ve worked in finance and technology across New York and Australia and have witnessed what an enabler culture can be. Great culture attracts great minds who can build a great business, and once you have the flywheel in motion, it’s very hard to stop. 

Everyone says networking is important, but as I progress in my career, the more I’ve come to appreciate the value of genuine relationships. Hearing someone’s story and understanding what makes them tick is so essential to the startup journey, which can often feel like building a plane whilst in the air.

There’s never been a better time to build in Australia and NZ. For the first time in history, the brightest people in ANZ want to work at startups. With a global market, world-class talent and a healthy dose of ambition, there’s no reason why this region can’t punch above its weight in delivering happiness for customers, employees and the broader ecosystem. 

To wind down, I love playing tennis, squash, cricket or cosying up with a book. I’m a big fan of friendly competition and truly believe it brings out the best in us. I’m also a big music fan but as someone with very little skill, I take great pleasure in watching live gigs.

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