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I came to Australia in my 20's from Italy to experience a different culture, gain useful life experiences and explore a new country. I enjoyed it so much I decided to stay.

When I first arrived, I started working in hospitality as a waiter, which was the perfect fit for backpacking around the country as I had enough flexibility to travel while improving my language fluency and customer service skills.

After settling permanently in the country, I entered the tech startup space as an office manager role for a software firm, where I began to learn about the industry but also about company culture. Over the years, I enjoyed growing within the P&C function, and then I got interested in exec support, which is part of what I do today.

I like the VC industry because, after experiencing the startup life, I see how we can change the future by having a real impact on Aus and NZ firms, supporting successful businesses in delivering their impact and helping founders succeed during uncertain times.

In my spare time, I like to wind down with a good walk in the park with my pugs or attend live entertainment shows with my husband – music concerts, live orchestras, stand-up comedy and art fairs are my life!

In my world, I try to reduce my impact on our environment and communities as much as possible by cutting on single-use plastic products, recycling or buying second-hand items, donating what I no longer need and supporting businesses that give back to others. I think if we are here for a purpose, that is to create a better world and build strong communities based on common support and connections.

AirTree Ventures Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 456766 and AirTree Ventures Custody Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 544106.