Viorica Favetta

As an Executive Assistant and Office Manager, my role is focused on ensuring the smooth operation of the office environment while also supporting the productivity of the partners I work with. Throughout the years as an OM, I’ve been called ‘Office Mum’ too many times!

A common thread throughout my career

Versatility and ease in navigating changes.

Here’s where you’ll find me on the weekend

I love walking in the park with my pugs and going to live entertainment shows with my husband—music concerts, live orchestras, stand-up comedy, and art fairs are my life!

What I nerd out over

Sustainability. I try to reduce my impact on our environment and communities as much as possible by avoiding single-use plastic products, recycling or buying second-hand items, donating what I no longer need and supporting businesses that give back to others. I think if we are here for a purpose, it’s to create a better world and build strong communities based on common support and connections.

Executive Assistant and Office Manager
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