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The war for talent – Our investment in Reejig

Published on
October 12, 2021
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The war for talent has never been fiercer. Finding new people is harder than ever before, so it’s crucial to keep the great people you already have. Organisations winning the war for talent are investing in retaining and developing their top talent.

Employees leave companies because they are chasing a job opportunity they didn’t see internally. Reejig exists to help large organisations accurately track the skills of their employees and demonstrate how those skills might be transferable across the business to solve a talent shortage. This allows organisations to have workforce agility and direct talent to where it’s most needed while also creating engaging internal career pathways so employees don’t have to leave to find their next opportunity.

Data data data

There is no shortage of data on people. The problem is this data sits across a range of disparate sources. In an enterprise organisation, employee data from the recruitment process, such as a CV, sits in an applicant tracking system (ATS). From that point on, data such as job title and reporting line sits in a human resource information system (HRIS), and further information on corporate learning sits in a learning management system (LMS). On top of these internal data sources, there are publicly available external sources such as GitHub, LinkedIn and Stack Overflow.

With all this data sitting in separate systems, it’s understandable why large scale organisations struggle to get a clear view of their talent and skills. This was the pain Reejig’s Founder Siobhan Savage felt in her role as Head of Workforce Strategy and what drove her to create Reejig’s workforce intelligence platform to pull together all these data sources to give organisations full visibility of their talent.

The Reejig platform aggregates existing people data and enriches it with publicly available data to create individual people profiles for everyone within a company’s talent ecosystem — previous applicants, employees, alumni, gig workers and more. These live and constantly updated profiles provide a 3D view of an individual’s skills, experiences and their potential, giving organisations 100% visibility of their workforce and the marketplace.

What sets Reejig apart, is its unique focus on individual skills and potential, not simply job titles. The platform uses AI and natural language processing to extract skills from all forms of unstructured data — CVs, LinkedIn profiles, job descriptions, learning profiles and more — to understand how an individual’s skills relate to jobs, people, courses and each other. This includes uncovering people’s known skills, likely skills, skill mastery levels, skill adjacencies, where skill gaps lie as well as learning recommendations.

The outcome is a rich and dynamic central nervous system of talent data for companies, powered by an independently audited Ethical Talent AI engine. The Reejig platform provides the intelligence and the tools to source new roles, predict ‘readiness for a change’, recommend future pathways, nudge talent to new opportunities and pivot talent for reskilling.

Product love

We rarely see the level of product love customers have for the Reejig platform. It’s reflected in their metrics — they have zero churn and high net revenue retention as customers expand their adoption of the platform over time.

A consistent theme from customer interviews was that Reejig is a complete game-changer. To bring this to life, one of Reejig’s enterprise customers made 88% of their hires through the Reejig platform last year, and each member of their talent acquisition team spends on average 9 hours per week on the Reejig platform. Customers love Reejig’s product, and it’s clear it’s an indispensable tool in the war for talent.

Life’s work

If you spend just a few minutes discussing Reejig with Siobhan, CEO and Co Founder of Reejig, it’s clear this is her life’s work. She’s obsessed with solving this problem and her passion is infectious. She has deep domain expertise in the workforce strategy and talent acquisition space and she has felt the pain first hand.

Siobhan is perfectly complemented by co-founders Mike Reed (CTO/COO and Co Founder) and Shujia Zhang (Chief Data Scientist and Co Founder), who are deep domain experts in their own fields and bring the technical and operational expertise needed to bring the Reejig vision to life. We’re thrilled to be supporting Siobhan, Mike and Shujia on their journey and if you’re keen to join the Reejig rocketship, check out their open roles here.

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