Crypto 101

Published on
September 27, 2021
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"Into the Ether" by Beeple | Day #4917

It has been almost 14 years since Bitcoin introduced the world to crypto. Since then, many outsiders have only seen the boom and bust cycles.

But beneath the noise, there are flourishing ecosystems with communities building infrastructure that has the potential to change the internet, economics, gaming, social systems and culture. Crypto has the power to transform everything from how artists get paid fair royalties to fully autonomous financial and trading markets.

In this presentation, we’ve compiled some of the best crypto 101s that we’ve found across the web and added the latest developments in the space, plus AirTree’s perspective on what we’re seeing. It provides an introduction to crypto fundamentals, crypto cycles to date and an exploration of emerging business models, regulations and the differences between investing in traditional startups vs crypto projects.

AirTree has been actively exploring this space, and we have already backed several early crypto projects. If you’re building a crypto project, please reach out to us; we’d love to chat.

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