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I love finding new tech that makes people's lives that bit easier. Tech has a way of simplifying the complex, and making fun a task that would otherwise be boring. I am easily excitable when it comes to discovering new tech, so please come at me if you have discovered any new piece of tech that has made your day that bit brighter.

Thoughtfully designed products are what I love to geek over. In my spare time you will often find me browsing Dribble, Behance or binging YouTube tech product reviews.

I think continuous education is a real necessity in today's world, particularly as automation sweeps through low process-variability jobs. The startups that tackle this space will be increasing more important (i.e. A Cloud Guru, Secure Code Warrior).

Deep fascination in biohacking. I have probably watched too many Tim Ferris videos, and Joe Rogan interviews on this topic, but I find this space super interesting in what it can do for all humans.

Working with founders who are all chasing their dreams to materialise products or services that better the world - is an amazingly invigorating privilege. I love working with founders who are resolutely determined to see a problem solved in the world.

When taking a break from work - I generally immerse myself in social activities that lead to great banter (bragging rights). This involves playing poker, video games, basketball, and (naively) endurance sporting events.

AirTree Ventures Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 456766 and AirTree Ventures Custody Pty Ltd holds AFSL No. 544106.