Meet our third cohort of Explorers
Say hello to our newest Explorers who are helping startups unlock their potential from the very beginning.

Angel investors are the key to unlocking a startup’s potential from the very beginning by providing access to resources, people and capital. 

Unfortunately, the current definition of who is a “sophisticated investor” for the purpose of early-stage investments excludes a whole heap of informed and experienced individuals who’d be willing to make angel investments. This is a huge roadblock to encouraging a broad and diverse ecosystem of angel investors in Australia. And it shows when you take a look at the numbers. The State of Australian Startup Funding 2021 report found:

  • 83% of angel investors that responded were male
  • 40% of angels respondents earned more than $300,000 per year
  • 60% of angels who responded are located in NSW

We believe we have a role to play in changing that, which is why in 2020 we launched our Explorer Program; a free program offering education, networks and funding to invest. It’s been encouraging to see the connections and new networks made and the next generation of diverse technology investors in Australia and New Zealand emerge. 

The Explorer Program also led us to invest in ambitious founders with exceptional ideas, such as Cipherstash and EQL, plus a few more that are yet to be announced – watch this space! 

Now it’s time to introduce you to some of our new Explorers who are part of the program's third cohort. Click on their profiles below to see the types of startups they’re interested in working with and investing in, how they can help founders, and their #1 book recommendation to add to your reading list. 

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