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A community of women and gender-diverse people exploring new territories, pushing boundaries and achieving their goals.
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Our Pioneers community exists to chart a new path for outlier women and gender-diverse people to become leaders at tech startups and start venture-scale businesses.

The Pioneers community creates a space for the most ambitious people working at high-growth startups and beyond to learn from each other and founders who’ve done it before, to grow as a leader and meet others on a similar journey.

“What I love about Pioneers events is that it feels like the speakers are talking directly to you, and you’re surrounded by incredible people on similar journeys to you.”
— Shilpa Mohan,
Head of Operations at ProcurePro

Community overview

We surround Pioneers with peers and mentors who’ll inspire them to explore new territories, push boundaries and overcome the challenges along the way. 

Pioneers get:

  • Access to the Airtree team to learn about building and fundraising for venture-backed startups.
  • Invites to events featuring the most successful tech entrepreneurs and leaders in our region. 

The opportunity to form meaningful relationships with like-minded, supportive people who’ll keep you accountable.

Who is the community for?

If you’re an operator, founder or aspiring founder, this is the group for you. 

If you live and breathe startups, join us. 

We welcome all women (cis & trans) and gender-diverse people who resonate with the goals of the Pioneers community.

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