AirTree Pioneers

Over the last 10 years, the Australian startup sector has grown exponentially and we’re thrilled to see more gender-diverse talent scaling businesses at some of the fastest-growing tech companies in Australia.

We’d love to see many more of them choosing to start venture-scale companies.

The goal of AirTree Pioneers is to create a space that brings together the most ambitious people working at high-growth startups in Australia, so they can share stories and inspire each other.

The Pioneers Community exists to support gender diversity in VC-backed founders, but we know we have a long way to go. This is a space to learn from founders who have done it before, a space to grow as a founder and a space to meet other founders who are on a similar journey.

Who is a Pioneer?

A Pioneer explores new territory, pushing boundaries to achieve their mission, overcoming great challenges along the way.

A Pioneer is bold and courageous, persistently creating their vision of the future, overcoming constraints with creativity and optimism.

Why do we gather? 

We’re here to chart a new path for outlier women and gender-diverse people in Australia and New Zealand. We surround the Pioneers community with peers and mentors, inspiring them to start the iconic technology companies of tomorrow.

Pioneers encourage each other to think bigger, and lift each other up through the highs and  lows of the founder journey.

Pioneers get:

  • Access to the AirTree team: learn all about building and fundraising for venture-backed startups
  • Invites to events featuring the most successful tech entrepreneurs and leaders in our region
  • Opportunity to form meaningful relationships with like-minded supportive people who’ll keep you accountable

Who is the Community for?

If you’re an operator, founder or aspiring founder, this is the group for you.

If you live and breathe startups, this is for you.

We welcome all women (cis & trans), non-binary & gender diverse people who resonate with the Pioneers community.

How do I join?

Simply fill out the Community Member Application Form and you’ll be added to the Pioneers mailing list and receive a link to join the community on slack.

Getting involved

We run workshops, events, mentoring and casual meetups. If you’re interested in getting involved and creating any of the above with us, email Jess at

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We've launched a slack space for the Pioneers community.

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