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The founders and teams in AirTree’s ecosystem are doing truly world-class work. The best part of my role is learning more about the problem’s they’re solving, how their world works, and connecting the dots between things previously unimaginable. It’s my job to share those stories, scale the insights and add value back to our community.

As I’ve progressed throughout my career, I've realised you need to actively lean into making the change you want to see. It’s very easy to maintain the status quo, but that’s not what will lead to better outcomes for the generations to come.  

Maybe it’s the Italian in me, but I think the quickest (and most enjoyable) way to get to know someone is by having a meal with them. My ambitions for dinner parties are usually bigger than the space that a Sydney rental allows for, but does that really matter if you’ve got good food, wine and company? Ask me for a restaurant or cafe recommendation at your own peril - we could be chatting for a while. Better yet, tell me your favourite places to go.  

I wish decision-making based on gut instincts wasn’t seen as so unreliable. There are a bunch of scenarios where logical reasoning and paying attention to data is important. But I think we do ourselves a disservice at times when we ignore visceral reactions to situations, both in our personal and work lives.

My form of meditation is making things with my hands. If I'm stressed, you’ll find me cross-stitching or doing a jigsaw puzzle.

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