Fundraising in Australia—Investor List
Bookmark this, pronto! The go-to list for investors, angels, grants, accelerators and venture debt providers.

We started a crowd-sourced list of investors in the region for the technology startup ecosystem back in 2017.

It’s been great to see how many founders have used and referenced it as a helpful fundraising resource. And as a living document, it’s been fantastic to see more VCs, Angels, Venture Debt Providers, Grants and Accelerators added to it as the ecosystem continues to grow.

We hope this resource will save you some precious time during the fundraising process and continue to help you find the right investor fit.

For founders:

We all know how hard it is to figure out who and when to approach for funding. We hope this resource makes navigating the world of investors a little easier as you plan your next round. 

For Investors, Angels, Accelerators and more:

Feel free to add your details to the relevant table via the submission forms. 

If you have any feedback, please get in touch:


In this table, you’ll find professional investors actively investing in technology businesses. These include (a) VC funds; (b) Corporate Venture Capital funds; (c) Active corporates (regularly making minority investments in technology startups); and (d) other investors who are active in market but whose core focus is on other types of investing (e.g. investment banks, pre-IPO funds, private equity)

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Here are some helpful resources for your fundraise:

Angel investors and syndicates

Here you’ll find angels investing their personal money and angel syndicates where there is no investment manager that makes an investment decision or manages the portfolio (i.e. the kind of group that typically meets 4-12 times per year). 

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Want to learn more about angel investing? Check out these guides:

Venture debt

A round up of local venture debt providers. Check out our guide for thinking through venture debt.

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All the fixed-term, cohort-based programs that include mentorship and educational components, culminating in a public pitch event or demo-day. You’ll also find co-working spaces that offer additional opportunities to founders (e.g. networking and fundraising contacts). 

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Here’s a list of grants for startups and small/medium businesses to apply for.

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Have a read through our grant resources to increase your chances of success:

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