Harriet Dwyer

I never really imagined myself working in VC, but I should have. I work at the intersection of social change and business and am a strong believer in the role of businesses in shaping a thriving and equitable world. Thankfully, it's becoming clearer how to do this. Although there's still a lot to be figured out, there is a heartening number of people and products emerging on how to ensure that the work we do today builds a better tomorrow. My role at Airtree as Head of Impact is about bringing this thinking to our team.

I stumbled my way into this space by meeting a friend and founder-to-be in an elevator. This led me to join his fledgling hyper-growth disability tech startup, where I spent seven years learning the power of purpose in chasing ambitious growth. I learnt more than I bargained for in this role, much to my delight, and had an incredible time cutting my teeth on adapting Theories of Change for product teams, integrating impact measurement with financial reporting, and using purpose to fan the flames of employee engagement and consumer brands.

I’m on the lookout for

An eighth season of the West Wing. I’ll be waiting forever, but I choose to live in the hope that I’ll get to delight in one more quick-witted retort from CJ.

Why tech and startups excite me

Investing in innovation gives us the best chance to seed and scale the kind of innovation we sorely need to solve big problems and make our people, communities and ecosystems stronger.

What I nerd out over

Kids books. Show me a more delightful way to take in a meaningful message than one that comes with wild characters and rambling illustrations.

Here’s where you’ll find me on the weekend

Visiting new places (especially wide open ones), baking for birthdays, getting sucked into great fiction and indulging in quality time with friends and family.

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