Explorer Program

AirTree's Explorer Program exists to help create and nurture the next generation of Angel Investors in ANZ. To bring wider diversity and inclusion to a previously old-school industry and to support brilliant founders in the early stages of their journey.

The Explorer Program offers world-class insights and education on Angel Investing101, access to one of the best Angel networks throughout Australia and New Zealand, a sneak peek into our internal Investment Committee meetings, and funds to invest.

If by the end of the cohort we have taught you to be deep critical thinkers on early-stage startups and to find and invest in your own deals with confidence, then we have done our job.

Explorer Community

Alongside the education is the opportunity to connect and engage with the AirTree Explorer community through the private Slack channel and in person events. This is made up of talented individuals with a wide range of experience and differing levels of Angel investing.

Overview + Time Commitment

This is a choose your own adventure style program with a minimum time commitment of 1.5 hours per fortnight, all the way to as many hours as you can spare. It's up to you to make the most of everything there is on offer.

The Explorer Program is made up of 3 sections.

  • Fortnightly workshops with an AirTree Partner or expert (1.5 hours every fortnight).
  • Community catchups with your fellow Explorers to discuss weekly content and potential investments you have seen that week.
  • Explorers in the Wild: Attending local events and pitch nights to meet new founders and network within the Startup Ecosystem.

Applications are currently closed, but fill out the form below and we'll be in touch once applications are open.
Expressions of interest

Explorer blogs

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Meet our fifth cohort of Explorers

New year, new Explorers, and a huge welcome to Cohort number 5!
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The Halo Effect – Mike Langford

Mike's always had a side hustle. From hosting experiential events to an eCommerce business, now he lists advisor, angel investor and LP alongside his day job.
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The Halo Effect – Rayn Ong

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the startup ecosystem who hasn’t heard of Rayn Ong. And with his track-record, there's no wonder why.
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