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Fostering a vibrant, active and world-class angel investment community in Australia and New Zealand.
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Our Explorer program exists to cultivate the next generation of angel investors in Australia and New Zealand. We want to bring wider diversity and inclusion to an old-school industry and supercharge the support for brilliant founders from the earliest stages of their journey. 

Through the program, Explorers get access to world-class insights and education on the 101 of angel investing, the best angel network in the region, a sneak peek into our internal Investment Committee meetings, and funds to invest. 

Our goal: By the end of the program, you’re a deep, critical thinker on early-stage startups and have the confidence to find and invest in your own deals.

“If you're curious about putting your money towards things that have an outsized influence on the world, then the Explorer program is a fantastic fit.”
— Dan Brockwell,
Co-founder & Head of School at Earlywork

Program overview

This is a choose-your-own adventure style program with a minimum time commitment of 1.5 hours per fortnight, all the way to as many hours as you can spare–it’s entirely up to you.

There are 3 core components to the program:

  • Fortnightly workshops with an Airtree Partner or expert.
  • Community catchups with your fellow Explorers to discuss content and potential investments you've seen.
  • Explorers in the wild get out and attend local events and pitch nights to meet new founders and network within the startup ecosystem.

What our Explorers say

“Before the Explorer program, I wasn't sure if angel investing was a possibility for me. But now it's completely demystified, and I know that it's a realistic step I can take."
– Jacqui Duncan, General Manager NSW at Stone & Chalk
“The Explorer program is a fantastic way to gain foundational skills in angel investing, while working with some of the smartest minds in the ecosystem. Highly recommend to any aspiring investors.”
— Cheryl Mack, CEO at Aussie Angels
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