Invest alongside Airtree: Our diversity pledge
Building our database of diverse investors to bring into deals alongside us.

In September 2020 we announced our Diversity Pledge alongside the launch of our Explorer Program. In this pledge, we commit that for every investment we lead, we will bring at least one investor from an underrepresented group on to the cap table, provided the founder is ok with it.

Our goal with the Diversity Pledge is to open up access to startup investment opportunities to those who have the capital to invest but don’t have the network to meet these founders, and to open up access for founders to a broader range of talented investors and senior execs to advise and support them on their journey.

So far, for every new investment we’ve led since that announcement, the founder agreed to bring on a diverse investor alongside us and we’re very optimistic about the impact this could have in reshaping the Aussie and Kiwi startup investing landscapes in the long term.

So now we need to build out our database of diverse investors to bring into deals alongside AirTree!

We’d love to match every founder with an investor who has relevant sector, go-to-market, or technology expertise, and who can add considerable value to the company when they join the cap table.

Want in?

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in angel investing alongside us, please fill in this short form and we’ll get in touch directly.


What’s the minimum cheque size required to participate?
This varies depending on the stage of the startup and the amount being raised, but we’ve brought in diverse angels for as little as $5K.

What’s considered ‘diverse’?
Anyone who self identifies as an underrepresented group in the tech startup industry.

Do I need to be a “Sophisticated Investor”?
This depends on the stage of the startup and the nature and number of other investors involved. There are exceptions where those who are not sophisticated investors can still angel invest — this will be worked out on a case by case basis so please don’t let it stop you from filling out the expression of interest.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on

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