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2024 edition: Australian tech companies valued at $100M+
From unicorns to breakout stars, expats returning, and a local ecosystem that celebrates the success of their mates, Australia’s startups are growing faster than ever.
March 28, 2024
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Level up your fundraise materials with a Business FAQ
Could a Business FAQ be the antidote to your problems?
Communicating the value of ESOPs to employees
ESOPs are misunderstood and undervalued by employees. But the good news is effective communication can solve for this.
Our seed stage term sheet
A plain vanilla, straight-up-the-fairway term sheet.
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Building the bank of the future – Our investment in Constantinople
Macgregor and Dianne are on a mission to radically simplify how banks run and operate.
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A grant writer’s guide to winning grant funding
Get in on the non-dilutive-cheap-capital grant action.
Guides & how-to’s
Crafting your ESOP: Key terms and best practice
Here are the key ESOP elements and terms we most commonly see across our 100+ portfolio companies.
Guides & how-to’s
How to put impact into action
Our approach to building a DEI strategy for teams looking for inspiration on how to put impact into action.
Guides & how-to’s
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How to choose the right employee share scheme structure for your startup
Figuring out the right scheme isn't rocket science, but it can be fiddly, so let's save you from the headache.
Guides & how-to’s
ESOP template doc for Aussie startups
Get your whole team thinking and acting like an owner with equity–we’ve got the docs to get you started.
Documents & legal templates
New Zealand's top startup grants
Startup friendly initiatives for Aotearoa founders.
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COO 101 Part 1: Advice for CEOs
Scoping, hiring and onboarding a COO for your startup: A seasoned COO’s tips for success.
Insights & expertise
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COO 101 Part 2: Advice for COOs
Finding your fit as a startup COO: Tips for success in the early days.
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Our investment in Hnry
Claire and James are on a mission to revolutionise self-employment worldwide.
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Meet our fifth cohort of Explorers
New year, new Explorers, and a huge welcome to Cohort number 5!
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Government grants for Australian startups
Save yourself the scroll through the Government's Grants and Programs finder and cut straight to the chase.
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Go-to-market lessons from Silicon Valley
Stephanie Carullo has developed an instinct for how startups can fine-tune their GTM from her time at IBM Cisco, Apple and Box.
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How to set up partnerships for success
Having partnered with the likes of Microsoft and SAP, Go1 is the perfect case study on how to scale through partnerships.
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Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable supply chains – Our investment in Fair Supply
Kim and Arne are accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable supply chains.
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Airtree's Summer reading list – 2022 edition
Worked your way through the backlog of books on your nightstand and looking for something new to read? Look no further.
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Capital efficiency–it's in our DNA
All else being equal, Aussie founders are scrappier than their overseas counterparts. And we have the numbers to back it up.
Industry trends & analysis
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An aspiring founder's guide to finding your edge, idea and co-founder
What makes a good idea? How do you find the right co-founder? These are all questions Matt Clifford is well-equipped to answer.
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The Halo Effect — Mike Langford
In addition to angel investing, you should ask Mike about his many side hustles.
Building your MVP with no-code tools
No-code tools are a no-brainer if you’re looking to quickly test an idea and get feedback on your UX and UI.
Guides & how-to’s
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Metrics Matter: CAC and CAC Payback
Payback's a gift. CAC payback that is.
Guides & how-to’s
The Halo Effect — Rayn Ong
Prolific t-shirt collector and Young Rich Lister are just some of the accolades to Rayn's name.
The Halo Effect — Xinyu Wang
Listen up if you're looking to 20x your first investment.
Managing your wellbeing as a founder
Founders are 50% more likely to have a mental health condition than "ordinary folk". Let's talk about that.
Insights & expertise
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The Halo Effect — Emily Casey
From SheStarts to What the Health and Side Stage Ventures, Emily Casey's network and achievements span the startup ecosystem.
Metrics Matter: Burn Multiple
"You gotta burn to earn", but how much is too much?
Guides & how-to’s
The Halo Effect — Cheryl Mack
Founders and angels, take note: Cheryl’s angel investing 101 is as inspirational as it is practical.
The Halo Effect — Rohit Bhargava
After nearly 170 interviews as the host of The Startup Playbook Podcast, the interviewer now becomes the interviewee.
Meet our fourth cohort of Explorers
Meet the next generation of angel investors, ready to take your pitches.
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Thinking through venture debt
Venture debt tends to go hand-in-hand with equity. Here's how.
Guides & how-to’s
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