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Our team works hand in glove with founders to help you build, scale and achieve your vision.

How we help

Build a world-class team

We help you recruit key roles, close out your most-wanted candidates and assess applicants for positions you haven’t hired before. Come to us for advice on your org design, employee experience and compensation strategies.

You're part of the family now

Join a community of people who understand what it’s like to start and scale something from scratch. Our executive forums connect senior employees to each other to ask questions, share resources and navigate the complexity of startup scaling together.

A sounding board of experts

Expertise and guidance from tech leaders to help you work through challenges, see around corners and anticipate what’s to come.

Everything you need, when you need it

Playbooks of tried and tested tactics, templates and resources so there's no need for your team to reinvent the wheel. Keep tabs on how you're tracking against your peers with our financial and fundraise benchmarking reports.

What founders say

“Working with AirTree to hire exec talent is seamless. They’re fast, supportive, insightful and no bull sh**. The unique environment of a high growth company means you need to work with someone that is genuinely supportive (and not in it for the retainer and fees). They’re not only focused on hiring. We’ve also been introduced to people in AirTree’s network to help us better understand certain roles and responsibilities and to think through the development of our organisation.”

Katherine McConnell




"We appreciate how AirTree is continually levelling up their services and support provided to their portfolio companies. The Exec Forums provide useful learning and networking opportunities for our leadership team, emphasising content about taking action vs theoretical content."

Ben Sze

Co-CEO & Co-founder



"The AirTree People playbook is the source of info I wish I had 10 years ago!When you're at a startup, there are issues every day where you want to phone a friend or easily ask someone in your network – that's where the People playbook steps in! It saves us time and brings expertise into one handy resource with the usual AirTree overlay of brilliance."

Charles Beaton

Head of People



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